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My siblings and their children

Gene Michael Baker was born to Marie and Gene Baker on December 18, 1980 at Hale Hospital in Haverhill, Ma. Gene has 4 children. Gene is married to Heather Baker (Lamkin). Together they have 2 boys Gene Michael Baker Jr born April 2009 in Newburyport, Ma and Kamryn NIckolas Truman Baker Born June 2010 in Lynchburg, Va. They married June 2009. Gene has 2 girls Amber Marie Destiny Baker born in California and Selena Baker born in Newburyport, Ma from a previous relationship with Heather Nusbaum.

James Donald Baker was born in Rochester, Nh on March 15, 1983. My parents seperated and he was conceived during their seperation but later they reconciled and Gene Moore Baker signed his birth certificate even though he knew James was not his and was John Eason's son. When James was growing up Gene and I teased him all the time een though we did not know he was not my fathers child we teased him because he did not look like us. Later when he was 11 or 12 years old my mother told him he was not my fattehrs child and told him who his real father was. James married Kimberly Baker (Burnham) November 2005. Together they have 3 children. James Donald Baker Jr was born May 2007 in California. Kayla May Baker was born November 2005 in Newburyport, Ma. Then Keanna Leigh Marcotte from Kim's previous relationship.

Destiny Sandra Baker was born December 13, 1985 to Marie and Gene Baker in Boston, Ma. Destiny was married to Nickolas Schilling. Together they have 2 children Angel Marie Schilling born in 2005 and Faith Schilling born in 2007. Destiny lost Nick June 2009 in a car accident. Destiny is raising their 2 girls Angel and Faith. Angel is autistic but they are doing really well and Destiny has done well with the loss of her husband and becoming a sigle mom to their 2 beautiful daughters. Nickolas is missed by them dearly.

Derek Wildstar Rosenberger was born November 22, 1989 to Gene Moore Baker and Candace Harris. He has 2 older siblings Robert Harris and Therese Rosenberger.

Matthew Gene Rosenberger was born May 6, 1991 to Gene Moore Baker and Candace Harris. Candace left my father with the 4 children sometime between 1997 and 1999.

April Luv Baker was born February 22, 2000 in Augusta, Me to Connie Baker (Wheeler) and Gene Baker. She has 10 older siblings between her parents. Connie's previous 4 children and my father's previous 6 children. They married after she was born.