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My Parents- Who They are and were

My mother was born as Marie Reena Blazonis on December 30, 1962. Her parents names are Sheila Brace and Donald Blazonis. She was born in Bourne, Ma on a military base. She was the only girl of 4 children. She had 2 older brothers Donald and James Blazonis and 1 younger brother, Michael Blazonis. When she was 15 her oldest brother Donald died in a car accident in Rochester, Nh. My mom recently, June 2010, married her long time love of her life, Arthur Mitchell that she lost back in 1978. This is her 3rd marriage and hopefully her final as she is so happy now she has him back in her life and is his and he hers. My mothers second marriage was to Thomas Bevins Comeau.

My father was born Gene Moore Baker in Lawrence, Ma. He was born November 28, 1961. He had 3 older brothers Stephan Chadwick, David Mcglew, and Warren Mcglew, a younger brother Michael Baker, and a sister Wanda. His youngest brother Michael was killed when he was 17 back in 1979. He died supposedly of an accidental work related death although the family is convinced he was murdered as he had received death threats the week before he came up missing. Wanda was not my fathers blood sister but it is complicated and I am not sure of the truth behind her. She was not neither of his parents kids but I believe from what I have heard over the years she was his brothers child and his mother raised her. His mothers name was Carol Lanouette. She passed away January 2009. He was adopted by my grandmothers husband George Baker. George Baker died several years ago, not sure of the date. His real fathers name was George Adams. My father is on his 3rd round of family making and it is his 2nd marriage. He had 2 children and 2 step children with Candace Harris. Now he is married to Connie Baker (wheeler). They have one child together, April Luv Baker and she has 4 children from previous. My Brother Derek Wildstar Rosenberger was born November 22, 1989 to Candace Harris and my father. Then Matthew Gene Rosenberger was born May 6, 1991. April Luv Baker is my youngest sibling and she was born to Connie Baker (Wheeler) and my father February 22, 2000.

My parents married January 1979 after getting pregnant with me. My mom was 16 and my dad was 17 when I was born July 17, 1979. My parents had 4 of us children together although my brother James is not really my fathers and possibly I may not be either. I am the oldest child. Next came Gene Michael Baker on December 18, 1980. Then James Donald Baker was born March 15, 1983. His father is really John Eason. Then Destiny Sandra Baker was born December 13, 1985. My parents seprated for good not long after Destiny was born as the marriage had been rocky from the start. My father is a drug addict and abused my mother. He cared only about himself, his dogs, his friends, and his drugs. He was always and has always been controlling and abusive towards my mother and treated us children as if we meant nothing to him.